Obsessed with highlighting and elevating the brilliance of women.

By collaborating and sharing resources we supports each other's ambitions for a fulfilling and successful business and life.

WE'RE A community and company...




committed to openly journey through business and life with our community... by connecting you to brilliant people, resources, products, conversations, and experiences through our workshops, podcast show, online programs, and personalized mentoring

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Brilliantista® and Brilliantista Studio™ is not only a brand, a community, and a company... it's ME! It reflects my passions, my curiosities, my challenges, my expertise, my personal life, and my belief in women.

It's taken nearly five years to bring the BRILLIANTISTA vision to this stage. Along the way, I said YES too many times (distractions)... created, reiterated, and trashed full projects (all part of the process)... attempted, failed, and succeeded at many things (the classroom of life)... and arriving at this moment with an incredible amount of clarity and confidence in many areas of my business and life.

Quick take away TIP… Say ‘NO’ to more! 

This is why it's so important to start where you are and grow as you go through the process of experiencing what works and what doesn't... Allowing curiosity to lead your innovation.  

Brilliantista Studio will be here to elevate you to BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE… strong, confident, sexy, successful... and whatever else you desire! Empowering you to GO FOR IT... and reminding you to always BE YOURSELF!

You're brilliant!

Love ya BUNCHES...


only a

it's ME



1. someone who unapologetically radiants their brilliance 

2. Someone who supports and inspires others through their actions... to ELEVATE how we show up, how we live, and what we do

3. Someone who loves brilliant people, places, services, and products

see also: conscious living, Owning Your Brilliance


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simplifying life,
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no way

bullsh*t + lies,
the word "busy",
chaos + clutter,
shrinking + settling

Brand photographer, everyone's best friend, and builder of confidence... Rebecca makes everyone look and feel AMAZING!!

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rebecca bonner

task master,  artistic creative, and community connector... making every day 'a special day'.

queen of 'special'

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design Enthusiast , Organizing ninja, Tool expert, Believer of people... and visionary with infinite ideas

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she makes every day interesting and keeps us smiling!